This comic is about Dusty running errands for Leadbottom, Dusty's boss. Chug wants to watch the Innerstate Rally with him. First, Dusty runs the errand. When Dusty flys back to Propwash Junction, the weather starts to get windy. A blue and white plane and a pink and navy plane decide to land but Dusty ignores them and keeps on heading home because he wants to watch the race with Chug. Dusty spots some planes flying up high but doesn't realize they are competing in the race. A yellow and blue plane is shocked because Dusty starts flying into a tornado. Dusty is scared of being blown into rocks or sucked into the tornado. He decides to let the wind push him inside Broken Wings Creek and them he flys through the creek back to Propwash Junction. When Chug and Dusty watch the rally, it is cancelled because of the tornado Dusty almost got sucked in to. Chug says that anyone flying into those conditions would be crazy and Dusty says, "You could say that!"

This comic is in Disney's Comic Zone Summer 2013 issue which was available until October 22, 2013.

Sources: Pages 30-33 of Disney's Comic Zone Summer 2013 issue

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-Pink/Navy plane

-Blue/White Plane

-Green/White Plane

-Yellow/Blue Plane


-Propwash Junction

-Broken Wings Creek