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Character Information



Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet


U.S Navy Fighter Jet


Echo, Dusty Crophopper, Skipper Riley, other members of the Jolly Wrenches, Dwight D. Flysenhower



Voiced by

Val Kilmer

Movie Appearances

The Secret Life of Pets (cameo)

Video Game Appearances

Planes: The Video Game

Bravo is one of the characters in the film Planes.



Armed with stellar instincts, incredible aerial abilities and outstanding service records, Bravo and Echo are two of the Jolly Wrenches’ top fighters. These F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jets happen to be avid air racing fans, too, with a special affinity for Dusty, who’s adopted their Jolly Wrenches insignia. And as far as the racers are concerned, it doesn’t hurt to have a couple soldiers nearby should any plane falter under the immense pressure of the world’s most rigorous rally.[1]

In the Planes teaser trailer (which contains animation not in the film), he appears along with Echo. After Dusty Crophopper takes off and was having a bit of trouble flying, Bravo asks Echo if Dusty will be okay. Dusty was then seen skywriting "Cool", with Echo replying that he thinks Dusty will be okay.

In the Planes actual film, they are seen trying to escort Dusty towards their carrier USS Dwight D. Flysenhower when he gets low on fuel and lost over the Pacific Ocean after losing his navigation antenna that was destroyed by Ned and Zed. After Dusty lands on the carrier, the crew give him some fuel and a new antenna, and Bravo and Echo show Dusty the Jolly Wrenches Hall of Fame, and try to get to Dusty ready when he asks on the radio if it is true that Skipper Riley flew only one mission. Bravo and Echo are later seen at the end with Dusty and Skipper on Dwight as they fly together.

Planes: The Video Game

In Planes: The Video Game, Bravo and Echo both appear in the console version, but Bravo is not playable in the handheld version.


Bravo is painted gray, with a black hood and gray helmet.


  • On his sides are the numbers "113", possibly a reference to A113, a running gag in many films including Pixar films. Also, it is Mater's license plate.
  • Bravo's actor Val Kilmer was paired up with Anthony Edwards (Echo). Both of them starred in Top Gun as Iceman and Goose, and this may be a reference, along with that Bravo and Echo's helmet designs are also the same as the ones used by Goose and Iceman.
  • He is a Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet, famously shown in films like Independence Day.
  • A Japanese actor named Tomomitsu Yamaguchi (山口智充) is the voice of Bravo in the Japanese version of Planes, while he voiced Mater in the Japanese versions of Cars and Cars 2.


From Planes

Bravo: "Unknown rider, unknown rider. You have entered restricted airspace. Why haven't you responded to radio contact?"
Dusty Crophopper: "Somebody cut off my antenna!"
(Echo scans Dusty.)
Bravo: "Identify yourself."
Dusty Crophopper: "I'm Dusty Crophopper!"
Bravo: "Roger that. Bogey has been identified as Crophopper Seven."
Dusty Crophopper: "I'm running on vapors. I need to land."
Echo: "What are you doing out here with an empty tank?"
Dusty Crophopper: "Well, I thought I'd refuel in Hawaii, but..."
Bravo: "Hawaii is 375 miles southwest of here."
Dusty Crophopper: "What?"
Echo: "Listen, Crophopper. You better follow us to the boat. No bingo fields around here."
Dusty Crophopper: "'Bingo fields'?"
Echo: "Places to land."
Dusty Crophopper: "The boat?"
Echo: "The
USS Dwight D. Flysenhower."
—Bravo, Echo and Dusty, while they are flying over the Pacific Ocean after Dusty loses his antenna.
Bravo: "An honorary Jolly Wrench. How's that feel, Dusty?"
Dusty Crophopper: "It feels great!"
Echo: (laughs) "Back in the saddle again, eh, Skipper?"
Skipper Riley: "Well, they didn't have these fancy toys the last time I did this."
Dusty Crophopper: "Nothing to it!"
—Bravo, Echo, Dusty and Skipper, as Dusty and Skipper get ready for take-off back to Propwash Junction.



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