Character Information



Custom forklift, resembling an Isetta at the front


Luigi's Assistant / Member of Lightning McQueen's Pit Crew


Mater, Lightning McQueen

Voiced by

- Guido Quaroni (most appearances)
- None (Air Mater)

Shorts Appearances

Air Mater

Guido is a character from the Cars series. He also appears in Cars Toons: Mater's Tall Tales, including Air Mater.

He is named after his voice actor Guido Quaroni.

Air Mater

He appears spinning around with his forks spread out because Mater is teaching him how to fly. A skeptical Lightning McQueen asks Mater what he knows about flying, and Mater replies, "Everything." Mater then proceeds to tell the story. While they were talking, he keeps on spinning around with his forks spread out.

He later appears at the end, shocked when Mater throws his hook up and is caught by the rope being held by the Falcon Hawks.


  • Guido is named for the Italian verb “guidare” which means “to drive.”[1]
  • Pixar supervising technical director Guido Quaroni, who is a native of Monza, Italy, suggested this name to John Lasseter, and was then asked to provide the temporary voice. The director liked his voice so much it made it into the finished film. Guido even got a chance to work on the character he named and voices: in Cars, Guido Quaroni performed shading work on Guido the car![1]


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