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Ned and Zed
Character Information

Male (both)


Extra EA-300s, but with the cockpit windows in a different shape


Racing Planes, Ripslinger's sidekicks




Dusty Crophopper, El Chupacabra, Skipper Riley, Ishani, Rochelle, Bulldog, Chug, Dottie

Voiced by

Gabriel Iglesias

Movie Appearances


Video Game Appearances

Planes: The Video Game

Ned and Zed are the secondary antagonists in the film Planes.



Team Ripslinger’s bombastic racers Ned and Zed specialize in sabotage. Lacking the skills to actually outrace the competition, they simply eliminate it, propelling boss Ripslinger to victory every single time. Zed, a rowdy and reckless flier, and Ned, a strange bird himself, may not be the sharpest props in the hangar, but they have figured out how to draft off Ripslinger’s fame.[1]


Ned and Zed have liveries of colored in opposite fashion: while Ned is painted green with white wings and decorations, Zed is white with green wings. Ned's racing number is #0, while Zed's racing number is #00.


  • Ned and Zed were making story references like David and Goliath from the Bible series, and Old Yeller.
  • Ned and Zed's designs are based on the Extra EA-300 aerobatic planes, but with the cockpit windows in a different shape.
  • Both are brothers from New Zealand, while the movie shows the US flags on their names.
    • Coincidentally, Ned and Zed's names both have the same first letters of New Zealand (New's N for Ned, and Zealand's Z for Zed).
  • Their wingspans are 20.3 feet (6.2 meters).
  • Their flying styles are aggressive, and dangerous.
  • They are nicknamed the "Twin Turbos".
  • Both their Sky Slycer Mark Five propellers are single two-bladed props.
  • Ned's Micro Drifters release incorrectly labels him as Zed.



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