Skipper Riley
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Vought F4U Corsair


Flight School Teacher


Dusty Crophopper, Sparky (assistant), Ishani, Chug, Dottie, Mayday, El Chupacabra, Mater, Bravo, Echo, Jigsaw Two, Jigsaw Three, Jigsaw Four, Lucas, Rochelle, Bulldog, Roper, Blade Ranger, Lil' Dipper


Ripslinger, Ned and Zed

Voiced by

Stacy Keach

Movie Appearances

Planes: Fire & Rescue

Shorts Appearances

Air Mater

Video Game Appearances

Planes: The Video Game

Skipper Riley is the deuteragonist of Planes and the tritagonist of Planes: Fire & Rescue.


Air Mater

Skipper is a navy blue plane who lives in Propwash Junction, a whole town full of airplanes. He runs the flight school with his assistant Sparky, and he teaches Mater how to fly in Air Mater. Skipper learns that he can really teach anyone how to fly, guaranteed.


A reclusive old Navy Corsair, Skipper was an ace flier and top instructor of the esteemed Jolly Wrenches squadron until an incident during a combat mission where he lost his whole squadron at Glendal Canal took him off the front lines and left him grounded for life. He'd been fully repaired, but couldn't bring himself to fly again. These days, Skipper keeps to himself, but his quiet existence was turned upside down when an ambitious and persistent Dusty solicited Skipper’s aerial expertise—and gets a few life lessons in the process. But Skipper—who’s never really come to terms with his past—finds that he has a few things to learn, too, and while coaching Dusty to fly faster and smarter, the teacher becomes the student.[1]

Skipper appears to be a little judgmental in Planes, as he hesitated to teach Dusty how to fly well at first. After Dusty passed qualifying however, Skipper then realized he had been a little harsh and agreed to help Dusty and his friends.

During the final leg of the Wings Around the Globe tournament, through the desert towards New York, it was down to Ripslinger, Ned and Zed, and Dusty.

During the desert flight, Ripslinger, Ned and Zed managed to get out of camera range, and ambushed Dusty, shoving Dusty down to almost the desert floor. Just in time, Skipper flew in, finally at peace with his old war loss, and saved Dusty. He bravely aerially `dog-fought' Ripslinger, and knocked the cheater (almost) out of the sky with the `Warsaw Windmill' maneuver, spinning and smacking Ripslinger on the canopy with a wingtip, causing him to spin out.

Dusty was to take out Ripslinger's toadies, getting the twin terrors crammed cockpit-to-cockpit in a canyon crevice. Unfortunately Ripslinger flew back in and shredded part of Skipper's tailfin with his Sky-Slycer propeller. Though damaged, Skipper laughed it off - he'd had worse - he was okay, and urged Dusty to go on and win.

At the end of the movie, Dusty - now an honorary Jolly Wrenches plane - and Skipper were aboard the Dwight D. Flysenhower, in the launch catapults, ready for a flight. It had been a long time since Skipper had been aboard, but Dusty taught him the new take-off procedure. The catapults engaged, sending Skipper and Dusty flying off towards camera.

Planes 2: Fire & Rescue

According to an interview with Bobs Gannaway and Ferrell Barron on Planes: Fire & Rescue, Skipper is scheduled to appear.[2]


Skipper has pale blue eyes, and is painted a grey-blue color with a checkered tailfin.


  • Skipper's make (F4U Corsair) and Skull and Crossed Wrenches insignia on his engine cowling are clearly based upon the World War II US Navy Figher Squadron VF-17 ("The Jolly Rogers"). Skipper even has "VF-17" stenciled on his rear fuselage. In the photo, you can compare Skipper with "Big Hog", the Corsair flown by Cdr Tom Blackburn, CO of VF-17.
  • In the Japanese trailer of Planes, Skipper was voiced by Takaya Hashi (土師孝也), but Tarō Ishida (石田太郎), the Japanese actor of Skipper, passed away from a heart attack on September 21, 2013 while Japan was producing Planes in Japanese.
  • Skipper is also seen in Air Mater, the Cars Toons episode.



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