Sparky 2
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Skipper's assistant
Former Navy Medic


Skipper Riley, Mater, Dusty Crophopper, Chug, Dottie, the Falcon Hawks


Ripslinger, Ned and Zed, Ryker (formerly), Leadbottom (somewhat), Marketing Manager (formerly)

Voiced by

Danny Mann

Movie Appearances

Planes: Fire & Rescue

Shorts Appearances

Air Mater

Sparky is a Skipper's Flight School employee, and Skipper Riley's assistant.


Air Mater

When Mater asks Skipper to teach him how to fly and that the sign says that it is guaranteed that he can teach anyone, Skipper gets Sparky to suit Mater up. He does so, and while Skipper is teaching Mater about flight, he moves each page on a drawing stand to show the instructions of how to fly. After Mater was thought to have failed to fly, Skipper orders Sparky to change the sign, but later tells him to put it back after he notices that Mater has actually succeeded and that he really can teach anyone.

Sparky was one of the people in the crowd watching Mater with the Falcon Hawks at the air show after Black Hawk was hurt in the last practice. When Mia and Tia said that Mater is awesome, Sparky explains to them that Skipper had taught Mater everything he knows about flying.

After the short ends (Cars 2 DVD and Blu-ray only), Mater meets up with Sparky in front of Propwash Junction's sign and says that they should make a movie about planes. Sparky then says that's a good idea, and the two look at the audience in anticipation.


In Planes, it is revealed that Sparky was a Navy medic that served on the USS Flysenhower with Skipper. After Skipper's accident, he stayed with Skipper, and still helps him in the present day.

Sparky and Chug appear to be pretty good friends; A simple chat between them can quickly escalate to a full, rapid-fire discussion on any subject, until Sparky is brought back on track by Skipper Riley. Even then they still continue the discussion, albeit in clipped tones.

Planes: Fire & Rescue

Sparky is scheduled to return in Planes: Fire & Rescue.


In Air Mater, Sparky is painted yellow with white around his eyes. He wears a yellow cap and a toolbelt. He also has the usual crane arms every pitty has.

In Planes, Sparky has a different livery. He is painted gray, and has a navy symbol. He has no toolbelt, and his cap is a greyish-brownish color and facing forwards instead of backwards.



Skipper and Sparky in a storyboard of a deleted scene (note Sparky's appearance).

  • Sparky's paint job in Air Mater may have been his original design for the Planes film. This is proven by the fact he appears different in a deleted storyboard of the movie.